So exciting, We’re going to garyland, WA to work on outdoor wireless bridge For internet 馃檶 Breakwater

Goal to set up

Blue Dot: Starlink connected to ubiquiti dream station, that we want

Green Dot: Xfinity connected to ubiquiti dream station.

We want to get rid of Comcast’s business on Green Dot, so Blue Dot can send its internet to Green Dot.

He is thinking about setting up this wifi bridge between those two roofs, but he needs my help to send a signal from Blue (Starlink) ubiquiti to Green ubiquiti so he can remove Xfinity plans.

I have successfully installed a new wire, and I had to visit the attic. This was my first time experiencing such an activity, as I had to drill in order to install 2 cat6 wire for client AP and NanoBeam 5AC Gen 2 on a cottage house. As a result, I proceeded to install 10 cat6 wires altogether for both the cottage and Hotel Laundry build.

I have finally been able to communicate with the owner, reassuring him that it is safe to cancel his Comcast business plans. This allows him to utilize Starlink with their new Advanced Protocols now.

Laundry Hotel, i did install it there and set It up as Main Internet, then cottage i did set AP bridge, and now it is working
Added 2 new wires for NBE-5AC-Gen2 and UAP-AC-LTE
That is where I plan to put Mount AP on there.
NanoBeam 5AC Gen 2
Cottage house (client router)
Zip tie all blue cable and power. Yellow cat 5e already removed. So it all nice and clean.

100 download and 100 upload good speed between Hotel to cottages.
. 2 miles away not bad
Hotel wifi access point to cottage house


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