Network Setup, IT Desk Help, and Hosting Services for Businesses | Blog and Sites

I created my blog and websites here. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my work with the community and to be included in your business. In the future, you may require network setup, IT Desk help, and Tech Support experience. Currently, I am hosting four Ubuntu Docker Servers for AdGuard Home DNS Server, which prevents torrents and ensure fair network usage. I am also responsible for WordPress Hosting services and the Omada Network Admin Controller on our dedicated server. I am passionate about helping businesses improve their IT needs to boost sales. Furthermore, I enjoy sharing information and resources that can benefit your business. Additionally, I hold three certifications (Administrator Linux Server, IT Desk Help, Cisco), and I am working towards obtaining the Compita certification.

Work IT and Network Experiences:

  • Anthem Coffee and Tea stores
    • I make the network administrator’s setup of Guest and admin Configure with tagged VLAN Group to enhance our security. So Guest and our system won’t be communicated when I enable Guest Network.
    • Point of sale | Square, for 4 Year with Anthem Coffee, was success in growing business better and profit. I am responsible to install square with cable management and wire tie up.
  • The Joint Chiropractic
    • I am also responsible for IT Specialist and Network Setup and Support Desk assistance.
    • Network Setup for admin, making a lot of cat 6, building shelf for network.

What am I doing at these stores?

  • I am responsible for setting up their networks, computers, tablets, and point of sale.
  • Troubleshooting hardware and IT Desk Help to help employees troubleshoot computers or systems.
  • Anthem Only has My Hosting Networking Management, so I can build a Wi-Fi Splash page and DNS Server for Parental Control (Torrent, Porn graph) and make your company proud. And it’s easy for IT to resolve the problem with the network.

Hosting services Docker:

  • Hosting for the Anthem Secure Networks DNS server.
  • Hosting any application open-source
  • I am hosting the TP-Link Omada Network Cloud (on-premise with Docker).
  • Hosting Servers, 3 in WA and 1 in AZ.