New Life | Jasmine and Richard’s Relationship

Welcome to my new life, I’ve moved on from my previous relationship. On February 6, 2024, I decided to ask her out for a movie and dinner with me, and she agreed because Jasmine is the one who saved me and life’s changing and amazing soon-to-be housewife. I am seeking a partner who is responsible for household duties as well as providing love and care to my feline companions. We’ve been having a blast, loving and supporting each other. She showed up when I needed her. I’m so in love with her, and my mom and I see her taking responsibility. I am Thankful and blessing.

In October and November 2023, she attempted to call 911 when I had seizures. Jasmine lived with us as our roommate. My ex told her not to call 911, but her old friend did and took me to the hospital. She and our old friends are very much appreciated by me. Or, I will risk dying. She lived with me for 4 years in Texas and Washington. Not only that, but she is wonderful and responsible for chores and takes care of our cats and blessing and happy and love and well feeding. And always listen and solve problems together. I love our goal to success to calm and behavior.

Babe, I love you very much, Jasmine. <3


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  1. Sally L Campbell Avatar
    Sally L Campbell

    Beautiful new life story! You both look so happy and cute together. Thank you for being a part of Jasmine’s life. Love, Grandma Sally

    1. I’m pleased to have you. I really appreciate you, Grandma Sally. Thank you for welcoming me into the Jasmine family.

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