I Made Outdoor Wireless Internet.

I sincerely appreciate Lady Bonnie’s permission to undertake a DIY project at her residence. Furthermore, I utilized my Xfinity modem in her living room, which was a part of my plan account. I did not use her internet account. I made a cable for her camera that went through a hole in her living room. She permitted me to insert a line there. A Gigabit Wireless Bridge was installed on her existing pole, which was used as an antenna TV cable. That is the perfect spot for a perfect signal strength. It’s better than Xfinity Pods because my RV pole is hooked up. I am searching for a perfect spot and speed. Here is my project.

Location Master B is where the circle is that is my pole light.
See that far, this device can go up to 5KM! So cool which my idea is maybe I can give around to whoever doesn’t have internet. I am happy to set up a network for them.
The package is very well and secured and the bag very nice.
Credit photo= by:Slade Lutz

You wonder how it works?

I could make this RV park get Wi-Fi service instead of paying a lot of money on the Xfinity bill. I’d love to work on a project for your business. One will be located in an office, headquarter, or shed where the internet is located. If the place has COAX or Fiber, but it’s too far away and doesn’t work well, and you don’t get what you paid for. You have lost at least 60 – 90 percent of your speed with the extender, and you are still unable to upload YouTube or my server. Then, it’s suggested to mount the pole on the roof with the gigabit wireless bridge and adjust the angle of the access point to match your RV, mobile home, or business.

Coffee stands are an example. If you don’t have coax wall or cable to use service Internet, we can do wireless bridge. If you have internet from another store, we can ask the office lease for permission to add a Gigabit Wireless Bridge to the building roof. You own a residence or business, I can do install that for you. One cable 100–150 feet to your office or living room to hook up your router is all you need. Unless you change network information on your router, it is a plug and play device.


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  1. Awesome! A very detailed and helpful info.

    1. Thank you, Vicky! I am trying to fix improve my speed. I may think about upgrading to better hardware same company. Not only that, but I am not sure which is latest.

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