How to connect Richard’s RustDesk Server?

You may see this message about bewaring scammers and no phone calls, We never make phone call or make money, I am volunteering to help you guy to fix the PC. This method is more secured and direct to my server. And I only provide to whoever trusts Richard Applegate. I (Richard) cannot access your computer without your password or your permission on your screen. I cannot touch any customer or friend or family computer because it will alert their computer to let you know that I am processing to connect you but not complete until you approve or provide password. And you have full control on your side.

How to configure RustDesk on a Windows PC or Android device. If you require assistance on your phone or tablet to resolve any issues.

ID Server:
For the key, please contact me (Facebook, Twitter, Email) because anyone can connect and use my server to abuse it. I don’t want anyone to be held accountable for anyone who tries to scam you, steal your information, or break your computer.

How to connect to Richard Server

Video instruction:

Written Instruction:

  1. Download the latest RustDesk
  2. Please execute the program – rustdesk-1.2.1-x86_64.exe
  3. RustDesk now is opened, but you need to install by clicking “Install”.
  4. Please click “Accept and Install”
  5. Warning Message – click ok
  6. RustDesk will open automatically for you, but it won’t work to remote because you’re not connected to the servers yet.
  7. Now press the 3 dots menus to the right of your ID Number.,
  8. After that, hover over networks and click on Unlock network settings.
  9. Put my id server at with the key. I have the key and only give it to people I trust. With no key, the RustDesk remote won’t work. The instruction from the rust Docs says that.

I put my “ENCRYPTED_ONLY=1″ on my docker env. This is enforced my server to run encrypted only. So, there is no non-encrypted without key.