How to connect Richard’s RustDesk Server?

You may see this message about bewaring scammers and no phone calls, We never make phone call or make money, I am volunteering to help you guy to fix the PC. This method is more secured and direct to my server. And I only provide to whoever trusts Richard Applegate. I (Richard) cannot access your computer without your password or your permission on your screen. I cannot touch any customer or friend or family computer because it will alert their computer to let you know that I am processing to connect you but not complete until you approve or provide password. And you have full control on your side.

How to Set up on Windows pc or Android (if you need assistance on your phone or tablet to resolve any problem)

ID Server:
Key: contact me (Facebook, Twitter, Email) for the key because anyone can connect and use my server to abuse…. So, I don’t want any responsible for anyone who tries to scam you or steal your information or break your computer.

How to connect to Richard Server

Video instruction:

Written Instruction:

  1. Download the latest RustDesk
  2. Please execute the program – rustdesk-1.2.1-x86_64.exe
  3. RustDesk now is opened, but you need to install by clicking “Install”.
  4. Please click “Accept and Install”
  5. Warning Message – click ok
  6. RustDesk will open automatic for you, but it is not done because you are current not connect to servers.
  7. Now you need to press the 3 dots menus to the right of your ID Number that will put you in setting,
  8. Then hover to networks and click unlock network settings.
  9. Put MY ID Server: and key. The key I only have myself and I only give to whom I trust to. Without a key, IT Won’t WORK. It does say on their instruction from rust Docs.

I put my “ENCRYPTED_ONLY=1″ on my docker env. This is enforced my server to run encrypted only. So, there is no non-encrypted without key.


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