How to build RustDesk on Portainer with Cloudflare domain (Disable proxy needed)?

This is not a PRO version. Please note that. PRO is coming soon. I just set up RustDesk pro with WebGui a few months ago.

Please listen to the RustDesk warning again. Please do not download RustDesk and connect to the phone agents (Fake windows, Fake Apple, Fake ATT, Fake BANK, FAKE IRS) server. They will scam and steal your information.

This solution is significantly less costly than TeamViewer and provides the most efficient solution for my job. It allows me to resolve any unforeseen issues on my employee’s or family’s computer, thereby reducing the cost of resolving the issue. It is highly secured. I chose to use enforced encryption on RustDesk because Id rather not expose it to the public and abuse my RustDesk server.

Written Instruction:

version: '3'
    container_name: rustdesk-server
      - 21115:21115
      - 21116:21116
      - 21116:21116/udp
      - 21117:21117
      - 21118:21118
      - 21119:21119
    image: rustdesk/rustdesk-server-s6:latest
      - ""
      - "ENCRYPTED_ONLY=1"
      - "DB_URL=/db/db_v2.sqlite3"
      - "KEY_PRIV=YourPrivateKEY"
      - "KEY_PUB=YourPublicKey"
      - /home/applegate/docker/rustdesk/db:/db
    restart: unless-stopped

Key need generates by this command line on ssh terminal.

Command: docker run –rm –entrypoint /usr/bin/rustdesk-utils rustdesk/rustdesk-server-s6:latest genkeypair

Then paste the key to your docker-compose Environment.

Then deploy the stacks. Now you have your RustDesk up, running and encrypted so no one can mess with your RustDesk sever.

Video Instructions:


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