How to build LanguageTool API Portainer with nginx

I have been using Grammarly for my work and to strengthen my writing skills. I was looking for something cheaper and more affordable, and I found this LanguageTool, which offers an API on Docker, and it works great. We won’t get premium, though… they’re not yet available for self-hosted premium.

Before we start, please make sure your NGINX Proxy Manager and Portainer are up and running. It is unnecessary to establish a network as it has already been integrated into Docker.

Go to Portainer sites→ Login admin→ stacks → add stacks:

version: "3"
    image: erikvl87/languagetool
    container_name: applegate-languagetool
        - nginx
        - langtool_languageModel=/ngrams  # OPTIONAL: Using ngrams data
        - Java_Xms=512m  # OPTIONAL: Setting a minimal Java heap size of 512 mib
        - Java_Xmx=1g  # OPTIONAL: Setting a maximum Java heap size of 1 Gib
        - /mnt/applegate5tb/language-tool/data:/ngrams
    external: true

Now deploy the stack and open the nginx proxy manager sites to add this secure HTTPS site. Let’s get started.

Scheme – HTTP
Forward Hostname – your container_name
Forward Port – 8010 (Default on docker for LanguageTool).
Ensure enable SSL and HTTP/2 and HSTS

Your websites have been successfully launched. Go check it out and try the API out.

To connect to this API, please download language tools for Edge or Firefox or Chrome. Please note that Desktop PCs do not yet have API support. Stay tuned on this.