Square and Wi-Fi Installation for your business.

I can come and do installation to set up Point of Sale and Network with Comcast business and Spectrum business and COX Business and ATT Business Internet, My home Internet Speed is 200mbps Download and 200mbps upload. Contact me 253-904-7768 and my Email is admin@richardapplegate.io for quotes. Excellent reason, Price It depends on How many points of sale you want me to install. And I also Cable Management to make sure it longs term for your maintenance task.

Point of Sale Experience –

Every Store’s Anthem Coffee and Tea.
Coming Soon for photo.

Network Experience –
I must label every port for easier Owner and IT team can troubleshoot.
I can make Ethernet Cable and Coax and Phone lines.

Anthem Coffee and Tea | Sunrise Village MUST Label each device.
Anthem Coffee and Tea | Sunrise Village
Modem Internet and Router Business TP link and Modem Phone and 4G Data Internet Backup and Access Point from another room.

And More coming soon, publish all my stores here to help my dream success and live better for my health. I need a new home, I have Seizures, and I would love to help your home and Business to success with the Internet for the long term.