Rest in Peace, Simba Jr.

On October 25th, 2023 at 11am, it rained a lot. The rain was terrible and heavy, like gravy, splashing on water and mud. My cat Simba Jr. passed away on the highway on Mountain Highway E. unfortunate to see body abuse… roadkill. It is hard to explain.

My Story:

In Mineral Lake On Jul 2, 2021, We adopted Simba Jr. the RV park was about to close, and we were evicted because they were doing an upgrade project. During that particular occasion, a gentleman approached us and expressed his admiration for our uniqueness and expressed his desire to adopt Simba Jr. Upon observing him, I discerned a strong affinity between us. He is the King of this motor home and charges for his kids until he goes and chases other cats to make baby…. I apologize to my neighbor, but I’m trying to avoid making him a baby. However, that is his occupation, and he is a hefty individual. He is a Warrior because he is there for my angry, sadness, happiness, and chill. I love to hear him click his teeth meaning he’s talking to me and I knew he loved. He went under my blanket and under my legs to help flow with my health. He did purposely spray on my Ex, I will be honest with you, I was laugh and yes no harm to my EX, she is okay and no disease. And that reason we have got to him go out and do trust him, and we knew he trusted us and bond with us anywhere I go. He was in DV at my former friend’s house to roommate and she and DV at us in the same room and Simba is one there to be with me and Sunny too… But we are now not at there. And Now I move out with my mom.

Please excuse the background… like we say. We were homeless, but we do see Simba Jr. love to meet Sunny, however Sunny not like him but until few weeks later they are mated.

We were doing Laundry but there was so much going on between roommates but look at my cats they are one cured our anxiety to calm from DV… but it not roommate’s fault.

Simba Jr. – Genetic is part of Egyptian mau orange