I made cookies with butter THC homemade

In my perspective, this was exceedingly flavorful and potent THC. I may consider diminishing it to a quarter cup of THC butter along with a quarter cup of unsalted butter. Given that I had made my family too intoxicated for some time, they appreciate the taste, texture, and love in making them. We continue to make cookies. Jasmine and I are like an extended team, affection, blessing, and laughter. I am grateful for the pleasant time spent with her creating various kinds of cookies.


3 responses to “I made cookies with butter THC homemade”

  1. Jimmy Avatar

    I tried those cookies 10/10 delicious and 10/10 sneaky little things! Had a great day!!!( I ate 2)

    1. Thank you, Jimmy 😊 It was delicious 😋 and got us out of rocket, lol! 🤗🍴💪

    2. No way you ate 2 cookies hehe! Hope it all relaxing you guy

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