How to install RustDesk and YoDeck on a PC stick?

I’m using a Windows 10 Pro PC stick to install YoDeck. This computer stick works great. It’s running 24/7 for our food and drink menu. We choose to use MeLE for our company. It has good hardware and the newest operating system. We like TVs that are quiet and small. The power source is 5 volts, 3 amps, and 15 watts per hour. Here is a video with step-by-step instructions.

What do We need?

PC Stick—MeLE PCG02 Fanless Mini PC Stick Windows 11 Pro Celeron J4125 8 GB 128 GB

USB Flash Drive— Roll over image to zoom in SanDisk 64 GB 2-Pack Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive (2×64 GB)—SDCZ48-064G-GAM462, Black

Keyboard and Mouse—Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo For Windows, 2.4 GHz Wireless, Compact Mouse, 8 Multimedia And Shortcut Keys, For PC, Laptop—Black

Anthem Coffee Software Link — message me for Link. | Richard Applegate

In case the Wi-Fi driver was not installed, the Ethernet cable was needed.

Step by step:

  1. Connect a USB mouse or keyboard to your computer.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port.
  3. Please connect to the power source.
  4. To turn on, press the power button on the PC stick.
  5. Press F7 again, repeating until you see the Boot menu. Please press Bios Setup.
  6. Click on the Chipset tab, then Common functions, and scroll down to “Select auto power on or manual pow” to “Automatic power on.”
  7. then save and exit the Bios.
  8. Press F7 again and press to boot menu. Boot to USB Flash drive with Windows 10 Pro.
  9. Select the region, USA, and then the keyboard English then next.
  10. Kindly select “I Do Not Have Internet” to enable the offline account without an Outlook account. Then on the next page, click “Continue with limited setup” after that.
  11. You will need to do the create user account process.
    • Username : Anthem Coffee — IT
    • Password — Message to Richard for password.
    • 3 questions, security will need you to fill out answer and question.
  12. Please accept the Windows 10 Pro privacy policy. Then on the next page.
  13. Please don’t use Cortana. Click “Not now.” Then on the next page.
  14. After that, let it install Windows.
  15. Once the computer reboots, please log in Anthem Coffee — IT account.
  16. Now proceed to establish a connection with AnthemCoffee-Admin.
  17. Open application edge browser and download from my share link for the “YoDeck software installation”.
  18. To extract the file YoDeck Software Installation, go ahead and open the Intel Driver and support Assistance to install PC Sticks.
  19. After the installation of the Intel Driver on your computer, the Edge browser will be launched to synchronize your computer and determine whether an upgrade is necessary.
    • The only driver available to update was a Graphic card, which is important to install for YoDeck. Go ahead and download it, and then install it.
  20. Return to the folder containing YoDeck Software.
  21. To copy the key, go to the open key file. Open RustDesk setup after that.
  22. Once RustDesk is open, and you click to install.
  23. After installing RustDesk on the Desktop, proceed to Settings > Network and select the option to “unlock network settings.”
    • Please enter the ID server: and message me for the key.
    • Go to the Security tab, then scroll down to Password, then ask Richard for a permanent password. That allows Richard to connect with it.
    • Go to the Account tab and click on Login. Enter your username and password (you need to ask Richard for the password)
  24. To start the installation process of the Intel Graphic driver installer, please launch the application and select the agree option. Ensure that the option “Execute a clean installation” is selected. Please finish installing it before proceeding with step 25.
  25. After installing the driver, please reboot.
  26. Please enter the login credentials : Anthem Coffee—IT.
  27. Go to Windows Settings → System → Display → Scale and layout 125 percent so that we can see and install YoDeck.
  28. Please navigate to Windows Settings > Windows Update, select Optional updates, and select all to download or install.
  29. After updating the PC Stick, please reboot the PC.
  30. Upon rebooting, please log in to Anthem Coffee — IT Account.
  31. You should open the YoDeck software installation folder.r
  32. To install YoDeck Setup, select 1.49.0 to install.
  33. Install the kiosk, enter your password, and ask Richard Applegate for a password.
  34. Please click “yes” to restart after installing it.
  35. The registration code should appear after the computer restarts.
  36. Log in to with a different computer or laptop.
    • Go to Monitor, add a monitor, and then Windows Player.
    • Then type the name and make sure it’s something like: WA-SV-Food Menu.
    • Please enter the code for registering on TV.
    • Click on Default content, Playlist, and then the WA Food menu.
    • Save.
  37. Now your computer has Kiosk Mode, RustDesk remote, YoDeck installed, and the latest driver.


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