Grocy- ERP beyond your fridgeGrocy

I’m starting like use Grocy for my home Inventory because it is very helpful and in my experience, this helps my police to give us new what we need that we already purchased. Police require proof of purchase of what you purchase and proof photo and serial and barcode. Grocy is one solution for that! Furthermore, I did use this for IT Anthem Inventory as well. It is very useful for our maintenance and IT Team.

We need to make sure Portainer and Nginx proxy manager up running. If not, please build a stack and follow these instructions.

Open your Portainer Sites (mine:, your site domain could be different. So please log in your user admin for Portainer then open stacks then add stack.

We may not need to create a network because it already created a network in the Nginx proxy manager we created. So, we simply add these network on stacks Portainer to look below the preformatted.

version: "2.1"
    container_name: applegategrocy
      - nginx
      - /mnt/nasdrive/grocy/config:/config
    restart: unless-stopped
    external: true

Noticed that port not there because I removed that port on docker-compose due to this already attached network to nginx. Therefore, that means nginx proxy manager can communicate with this Grocy, so we need to go to nginx proxy manger to set up a proxy host for it.

Deploy the stack then it is online, however it doesn’t set up nginx yet. So let add a proxy host on nginx. So, we can get it online on 443 HTTPS secure. Instead, HTTP on the public internet.

Scheme – HTTP
Forward hostname – container_name for your app.
Forward port – 80
Ensure to enable SSL and HTTP/2 and HSTS


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