Good News! Some bad News.

She decided to apply for Amazon seasonal to work 11 months to experience for her to see if she is like to continue. I am so Happy for her to help our better relationship and my health. We got approved apartments to live in for my health and our relationship needs to improve. Bad news, we have to reduce our cats to 6. So we have to give 5 to new home. That is all bad news and we have to accept. My 6 beautiful cats, going to be fixed very soon.

Yes, we still do cannabis, however we no longer flower or concentrate. We’re only using a vape with my medical license in Washington State, it helps with my attention deficit disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar type 2, mood swings, and major depression.


3 days later

Summerlove got a job hired, and she starts work on Nov. 15th at 5pm. So wonderful and blessing for her. She deserves to have a job and have money to help her cat and herself and me and our dream together. I have Seizures, I try to balance my maximum 35 hours a week to help me to do home and work balance, but still not can save money. I have a few debts from medical and credit, but now they are paid debt, and Already I just owe Medical bill, and Currently I can save our budget.

Not only that, but I love my Anthem Coffee and Tea, They are the best I worked with. They help me so much in our life to straighten up.


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