Choosing Between an RV and Apartment: Upgrading for Travel and Future Plans

On October 29th, 2323, Summerlove and I are encountering difficulties in deciding whether to reside in an RV or an apartment. We’re in love with the Spanaway Community, and we’re committed to staying here and upgrading our RV by February, so we can travel to visit our mom and family in Texas. We’ve got to let the motor home go. Furthermore, we give someone else we know, so it can go to Oregon, that they accept older RVs there. The heater/AC/FAN, an electric water heater, a proper couch and table, a kitchen with fridge and Microwave working, a bathroom and shower bigger are all things we will have. So that I can begin work on RV maintenance, cleaning them every 3–4 months on the roof, side, and underneath. We want to go to Texas and spend time there with our amazing family for at least a week or so. So, after we buy our RV, we will save for a truck to only use with our RV. We have a Chevy Cobalt to do multiple things and a truck to haul stuff. I make sure everything looks great in the truck. I am not aggressive with it.

We still not cancelled Apartment on Dec. 22nd, 2023. We will have to push our budget to 5K in Dec. if we do, then we will drop it and push save up to 7K or more by Feb. I will not stop the goal of 7K, it could be 10K. Never know we can get a good one, we can find 27ft or higher with side. Then that would be us better health too. We will have all these heaters and propane and electric heaters, so I can shower every day. With side RV, will help so much better to walk through the bedroom or shower or bathroom than no side with 3 people and 6 cats. Once we have RV. There will be a full security system called Ring bell sold from Costco. So We will save money from Xfinity bill monthly and more light out there. Once we have an RV, there will have a plan for the future.


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